Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Crasftstravaganzaa 2009 (Spring Edition)

This past weekend was the annual Craftstravaganzaa Craft Fair in our lovely city. It took place downtown, where I shared a booth with my friend, fellow crafter, and bookstore coworker Christy Wooke. It was a two day event this year and although we got lashed by the rain pretty good on the first day, it ended up being a pretty successful and fun weekend.

I've been making some new wall art using embroidery hoops and they were a big hit! I really enjoy making them and got a few done while I was manning our booth at the craft fair. My pillows were also a favorite. All of this makes me very happy. I tend to doubt myself when it comes to new things it art and crafts.

Christy also did well with her adorable hand-drawn magnets and pins. Unfortunately her magnets were a little worse for wear after the hurricane conditions of the first day. On the second day we came equipped with shower curtains to put up around our tent but of course it didn't rain at all THAT day.

Our booth was right next to our friends Missy and Raoul so we got to chat with them all weekend. I managed to limit my purchases to one adorable stuffed elephant which I'm sure will feature heavily in some upcoming blogs. I'll keep him under wraps for now and just leave a hint: traveling circus. Now go and figure it out.

PS Happy 30th Anniversary Mom and Dad!