Friday, April 24, 2009

Winter Clearance Sale!

Hello all!

Just wanted to drop a note to tell you that I'm having my annual winter sale over in my Etsy shop. This is the time of year when people are shucking off the vestiges of winter and donning flip flops and shorts. We're especially feeling the hit right now in Athens, where it has gone from a mild 65 degrees to a sweltering 90 in a matter of a few days.

Soooooo, I decided it would be the perfect time to start my clearance sale. I'm offering a 30% discount on most of my winter knitted items, and some of them were already VERY inexpensive. For example, this hat is now only $16.80 . . .

I mostly have scarves, and there are some very nice selections if I don't say so myself. This "Cosby Sweater Scarf is going for the low low price of $21! CRAZINESS! Ok, not craziness, but still a pretty good deal. So, if you're in the nirghborhood please stop by the shop to see if there's something you like, in or out of the sale section.

On another note, if anyone is going to be in Athens next weekend (May 2-3) I'm participating for the second year in Athens Indie Craftstravanganzaa, where I'll be selling my wares alongside my friend Chrsity, whose awesomely cute items you can also find on her Etsy shop, Wooke. The craft fair will be on Saturday from 11am to 7pm and on Sunday from 12pm to 5pm. It will be in the parking lot next to Agora and the Caledonia Lounge, behing the 40 Watt Club. Please stop by and buy something from somebody, even if it's not me!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Things I love!

I have too much trouble trying to think of things to write about that will be interesting so this post will just be about objects and things that I like.

This seller is really awesome! Not only has she been kind enough to feature my own shop in some of her superb treasuries, but her jewelry is just gorgeous and very affordable! She also has Surprise items that you can buy if you're more adventurous. I'll definitely be partaking in that. It reminds me of buying those brown paper bags at the toy store for a dollar and hoping you'd get something good, but not really caring because half the fun was in the mystery. You can find her stuff at her shop on Etsy, called 3dots.

Okay, I'm not usually a big fan of the pink, though I admit that it definitely has its merits, including looking like some delicious cupcake frosting in this big, cute bag from Morelle.

Um, can you say cute? If not, this brooch pretty much spells it out for you. Check out these Craftyfolk on Etsy.

Let's face it, pillows are nice to lay on so why not get one that's also nice to look at. If you're in the market check out Olive's shop.

I just wanted a short refreshing post so I hope you liked what you saw. If so, please take a look at these creative people and buy something from them.