Saturday, December 10, 2011

Two Steps Forward . . .

So, this is my first blog post in over a year.  I've been wanting to blog again for a long time because it provides a nice catharsis for me and I also find myself extremely amusing on re-reading, but I haven't been able to do it again until now.
It's like when you know you should call your aunt or grandmother or old friend(all of which are things I actually should do) but you wait longer and longer and the way the conversation will go in your head gets more and more awkward and guilt-ridden until you've scared yourself out of it.  I'm not the only one whose social anxiety extends to this level, right?
Anyway, it's like that.  I kept thinking, "How will I explain my extended absence from my legions of adoring followers who surely, by now, have turned a cold and disgruntled shoulder toward my ever-increasingly out-dated and irrelevant musings?"  And then I thought, "Oh, wait, I was describing someone else entirely in that thought process and none of those concerns apply to me so there's nothing stopping me from starting up again without anyone having realized that I'd ever been away at all".

So, here I am!  A force to be reckoned with.  A juggernaut of incisive thoughts and hilarious anecdotes that will surely encapsulate the feelings of generation and go down in history as one of the pointedly honest journals of our time!

Here's a cat . . .