Sunday, June 20, 2010

Small Harvest

As you may know from previous blogs Tim and I are VERY amateur gardeners.  For the past couple of years we've tried our hand at growing our own veggies in a little box garden in the backyard with mixed success.  For some reason we can only seem to get large amounts of the things Tim likes.  Hmmm.  It feels pretty good to go outside and pick your own food and then cook it up yourself.  It's cheap and environmentally friendly too!  Yeah, we're pretty much saving the planet with our backyard garden.  Maybe we can use our compost to plug up the oil leak in the Gulf.

We've been trying to be a lot more home-made these days.  Recently Tim has endeavored to make his own beer, a venture that's been a lot more successful than I ever expected it to be.  He looks like a some sort of warlock in the kitchen with his giant pot of hops and whatnot.  Oh, and it stinks something awful in process, but if he's happy, I'm happy, and he's brewed enough beer to keep him happy for a long time.

Tomatoes!  Aren't they pretty?

These little guys have been breeding like crazy all over Athens, and they seem to be centered in our backyard.  They're cool to look at but bad for a little fledgling garden.