Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Parade of Creatures

Recently I've been exploring a new craft; embroidery. I've always kind of thought of this as an old lady craft until I picked up a book called "Doodle-Stitching" which made it look very fun and cute. Sooooo . . . . I went out and bought my first embroidery hoop ( a cheap wooden one) and then soon went out and bought my second embroidery hoop(a much better, plastic one) and began stitching away. So far I only know how to do one real stitch but it seems to be working for my current purposes.

I've been working my way back and forth through my encyclopedia of animals trying to capture the ones that are both embroidery friendly and cute. My first attempts were an owl, a fox, and a narwhal. Yes, I said it, a narwhal. I'm going to reveal my stupidity here, but until about a year ago I thought narwhals were mythological creatures akin to a unicorn or a hobbit, but they're real. This fact blew my mind. It would seriously be like if someone told you that of course unicorns are real, haven't you ever watched the Discovery Channel?! I just had to try my hand at creating one of these guys and embroidering him on a pillow seemed the most practical way.

We're also preparing for an upcoming tour of our band, Captain #1. We'll be traveling up the East Coast and then toward Michigan where my sister lives. Tim's an old hand at this tramping around the country thing, while I'm relatively new to it. I am looking forward to seeing new places.

Well, that's all for now. I'm going back to eating popcorn and watching bad TV.

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