Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's Beginning to Look Alot Like . . .

Okay, in all honesty it looks nothing like Christmas. In fact, at the moment, it look s alot like April with all of the rain we've been getting. However, I've been told that this isn't so in other/most parts of the country. In fact, I hear it's rather chilly up there in the Northern regions of the country, and perhaps quite cold in other countries as well. Thus begins my yearly ritual known as the knitting season.

I just can't bring myself to knit during the warmer months, so during spring and summer I focus on other things like felt, which is also quite warm, but I don't make things to wear with it so it's okay.

Actually, this year it was a customer who reminded me to start knitting again, when she came back to purchase more hats and I only had one in the store.

So, for all of you folks who are gettin' cold, I'm looking out for you!

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