Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Have a Dreamcast (And so Should You)

Okay, so there's no denying that me and most of the people I like are overwhelmingly nerdy, and I love that. Well, in order to confirm this nerdy-ness they decided to celebrate the underrated and underplayed gaming system, the Sega Dreamcast.

Tomorrow (9/9/09) is the 10th anniversary of the day the Dreamcast was released in the U.S. In celebration of this we're throwing a party and a show at Go Bar. There will, of course be birthday cake. There will be Dreamcast playing. There will be a raffle to win a Dreamcast. If you are a nerd, and I suspect you are, you should come down and celebrate with us. There will also be lots of good music, including songs about the Dreamcast and other awesome gaming systems.

If you do not come I will assume you are not a nerd and be very suspicious of you.

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