Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Crab Say What?

Ok, this is all you, readers. And by readers I mean my sister and my boyfriend if I tell him to. You've gotta help me out here. As you probably know if you're one of the two people previously mentioned, I've been working on a series of animal drawings in which the animal depicted is saying something completely out of context and thus hilarious. The hippo and bear are some examples of what I've done in the past.

So here's the deal. I've got this crab here and he's drawings a blank. Please leave a comment with the funny thing you think the crab should be saying. If I pick you, I'll send you the original drawing with your saying added. I will also be making these into cards and prints so you're saying will be famous! FAMOUS! Here's the crab so get going being hilarious and get back to me soon. I'll give you until Thursday at midnight to submit something. Ok, go!


  1. Wow, you're a really great drawer!!

    Okay, wait, that's not what your crab would be saying. I typed into google "If a crab would talk" because I was just interested. I got this: "Oy, have I godda case o' de Mondays goin ' on, eh?"

    Hm. Maybe not. Maybe he would ask how the mayoral election in Helsinki was going? I don't know. I don't even know why I replied except that I wanted to tell you that I really like your artwork. Holler!

  2. "Are you going to eat that?"
    "Give me your sweater"

    done. haha.

  3. Have you seen Lord of the Dance? Now THAT is a show!

  4. Hey Bob Hope called! He said he doesn't want to be dead anymore.

  5. And to answer your question, Yes, I do need this many legs.

  6. Careful, you don't want to catch me.
    - Jesse

  7. "We have time for one more question before we wrap this up."

  8. $@#$!! Got sand in my bathing suit again!

  9. "Wanna dance?"


    "Ooo, gimme gimme."

  10. love the little crabbie drawing!

    "nap time"

    "can i get your digits?"

    "i dont want to talk about it"

  11. "I may scavenge locally, but I think globally!"

  12. Greg says, "Something about cheddar bay biscuits."

    or "This is the sound of one hand clapping."

    I say, "I think I need an iPad."

    Not funny today. I'll try again tomorrow.

  13. Thanks for all the awesome and hilarious comments, guys! Keep them coming until midnight on Thursday!