Sunday, July 18, 2010

Minor Works of Art

Okay, so I'm not sure beauty like this needs an explanation, but if you insist, these are the results of Tim and I doing "blind" portraits of each other while manning the Prairie Dog Inc. booth at The Big Crafty in Asheville, NC.  I have to say, I think there's a kind of ridiculous awesome-ness about these portraits that I can't put into words.  Also, I think Tim's hair is perfect.

In other beyond really nerdy news, I did a portrait of my cat to hang up in the kitchen.  Let me say though, Tim requested this portrait.  It was NOT my idea.  And our friend Jesse says that doing a portrait of your cat is only worrisome if you're single, although I think that's kind of unfair.  Single people should be able to enjoy the thrill and sense of accomplishment that comes from painting a larger-than-life-sized portrait of your pet(s).

Lastly, here's a fourth of July fireworks picture I took.  Getting on top of the roof to watch the fireworks at the park nearby= good idea.  Giving out roman candles to everyone on the roof to shoot out before instructing them NOT to point them at trees and/or people= bad idea.  So, in short, don't do that.

1 comment:

  1. I love them! Very impressed by the necklace detail that Tim was able to pull off.

    Also, I agree that it's wrong to single out loners who love their pets. I think all people who paint their cats should be called crazy.

    hearts and stars,