Tuesday, August 3, 2010

What?! and Seriously?! and Another Contest

Big news, big news people.  This has nothing to do with crafting really but it's such big news I have to share it.  I'm engaged!  Like, getting married engaged.  I've felt all butterfly-y and girl-like since Tim proposed on Friday.  Yep, the old man even got down on one knee.  Who knew my life would become a Rob Reiner movie from the mid- 1980s?  I don't know, but I'm feeling pretty good right now.

And yes, this is definitely the wedding dress I will be wearing.  Definitely.  I do like those Christmas lights.  Plus, I think the lace top really adds to the whole effect.  Plus, I like the idea of the train incorporating either a battery pack or a green power chord trailing off the back.  Classy.

Okay, onto the contest which I'm completely making up as I write this.  I'll start by telling you about the prize to give myself more time to think about it.  My friend Kathleen at Lark Books sent me this awesome volume called Craft Corps by Vickie Howell.  If you're involved in the crafting community, whether you buy or sell crafts online, tour regional craft fairs, or just have a local quilting group that you love, you should definitely check out this book.  It's a really fascinating view into the lives and techniques of other crafters as well as the crafting community as a whole.  And I'm giving you the opportunity to get a copy for FREE.  FREE, I tell you!

Here's the thing I thought up in the last 3 minutes:

Think of the most creative and non-tortuous way we can use our cat (pictured) in our wedding.  Whoever has the best idea will get a FREE, FREE I say, copy of this book.  And by FREE I mean that I will send you this book without you having to pay a dime, even for shipping.  I'm including shipping!  Or, I could just hand it to you when I see you because if you're reading this I probably know you.  I will decide whose is the most creative because as you know, I am an authority on such things.  Okay, go be creative.  Go!


  1. I think kitty should be in the cake and pop out of the cake!

  2. Okay... That. Is. The. Best. Wedding. Dress. EVER!!!!!! Ahhhh!!!! I approve!

  3. Have the cat choose your honeymoon destination! Write down three or four possible honeymoon locations on separate pieces of paper - maybe spray them with catnip or something or rub cat food on them - and then let the cat have at it. If a squid can pick the World Cup winner, surely your cat can pick the perfect honeymoon location...then, if said locale is rainy, or one of you gets food poisoning (most honeymoon horror stories include one of the two, if not both) then you can always blame it on the cat, and not each other...LOVE PREVAILS!

  4. Are you seriously wearing that wedding dress? Because that would be amazingly awesome.

    Also, ring bearer. You'd have to figure out a way to get her to actually want to walk up the aisle, but put a lil pillow on her back and let 'er rip!

  5. Forget throwing a bouquet, throw the cat. Anyone can catch some flowers, but to willingly put your arms out for a thrown cat you have to WANT it.

  6. I think.....maybe....read up on "Why Cats Paint" and have your prized cat do portraits of the guests? Or, maybe have your kitty make the guest book?


  7. Ring bearer. Tie the ring around the kitten's neck and set a line of kitten treats along the aisle.

    Or an usher. Then you get to dress it in a tux.

  8. The deadly cat attraction is the opposite of catching the thrown bouquet. After the wedding, the person the cat next approaches is the one least likely to get married. Watch the bridesmaids scatter!