Friday, November 7, 2008

Hello Fall, Goodbye Fall

Here in Georgia it always seems that as soon as you welcome fall with pumpkins and apples and Halloween, you're waving goodbye to it and saying hello to winter. This year fall has been a bit up and down. A few weeks ago it got REALLY cold for Georgia. Down in the forties and such. But today it was almost eighty degrees, and that's just not right. So, here's a little homage to fall, in case you miss it.

Tim was smart enough to nab some photos of our spooky (and silly) jack-o-lanterns before they completely rotted. I made the spooky one on the right. Tim thought it was too scary , but it's right up my alley. I love scary movies (not gory ones) and with this pumpkin I was going for a sort of bucked-tooth vampire look. Tim leaned toward goofy, but we decided that his pumpkin looked most like Dick Cheney, and that's scarier than anything I've ever made.

Today I took some pictures of the changing leaves in our yard. The colors that nature can produce are truly amazing. There's one tree, which I haven't got a picture of, that is so large and bursting with bright yellow leaves, they look like canary feathers. A tree of canaries! What an image. Our yard is pretty too, especially this pretty red and orange number in the back.

One last fallish thing . . . I got this picture of the sky clouding over into evening. I'm not sure why it's so dark in one corner. I'm pretty sure I didn't put my thumb in it. Maybe the camera picked up something I didn't.

Well, I'll give one last sigh for fall and hope it will last a few more days, but I don't have my hopes up. No doubt in a week, it will be bitterly cold and I'll have to wear three pairs of socks to bed. You'd think if it were going to be cold we could at least get some snow, but that's a rarity as well.

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  1. I tried to get Blake to carve pumpkins with me this year, but he said that it was too messy,.... Lame.