Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Long Wait Part One

It's been a while since I blogged last. That's partly because I'm still getting used to blogging, and partly because we've just been super busy. In a mostly good way.

Some awesomeness came our way when we (a group of us from work(Barnes and Noble)) went to see John Hodgeman in Atlanta. He was talking about his new book, "More Information than You Require", which is a follow-up to his first tome, "The Areas of My Expertise". For those of you who don't know John Hodgeman you may recognize him from such pop culture icons as "The Daily Show", or more begrudgingly, those Apple Mac commercials where he plays "PC".
His books are great and are full of totally useless and desperately needed information, such as which presidents had hooks for hands, and what that 51st state is all about. I encourage you to read them.

We also took a trip down to Florida this weekend to play a few shows( did you know that my boyfriend and I are in a band called Captain #1?) and visit Tim's parents since he won't be seeing them for Thanksgiving.
We stopped on the way and got this great picture of me hugging a stuffed tiger in a Walgreens. We were trying to replicate the amazing image we found of Alan Thicke hugging a stuffed tiger. I guess it was a head shot or something, but it's just ridiculous and great.

Well, I'll have much more to look at in the next week, but there's so much to be done, with packing and crafting, and flying on jet planes, and eating turkey!

Happy Thanksgiving, Alan Thicke!


  1. You, of course, are adorable in the photo...but I think you failed to capture the romance and dangerof Alan Thicke's beautiful pin-up photo. Your tiger is clearly fake, whereas the Thicke's might be real (if you glance or squint at it).

    You just can't get good realistic fake tigers at America's drugstores these days...


  2. dude, update your blog, best-friend-in another-life!