Sunday, November 2, 2008

Spooky and Not So Spooky

Happy Halloween Weekend!

I had a devil of a time figuring out a good costume and ultimately went with just sort of a sixties look, which Tim said looked like Rhoda from Mary Tyler Moore. Tim went as Teen Wolf with great success, although he did get a few "Geico Caveman" which made him greatly disappointed and want to say, "Kids these days".
We went downtown to see all the costumes and there were some pretty good ones. We only saw one Sarah Palin, thank god! There was a guy dressed up as The Monarch from Venture Bros. which was great. We saw a Carmen San Diego, but only for a second. She was too elusive for us to nab a picture of. And, we saw QualiMan from "Doug". Quailman! Can you believe it?! Sometimes I love people.
We've been trying to eat a little better, and we managed to keep the candy to a minimum on Halloween. Tim is trying to make me into some sort of domestic cook person. Apparently the ability to cook in my family skipped a generation because, although my mother was quite good at it, I just don't have the natural talent. Therefore, when we cook I end up asking Tim what goes where and how much, and eventually he just does it himself. This week we (he) made sausage and broccoli pitas with spinach. It sounds a little strange but it was SO good. We used kielbasa which had a lot of flavor and mixed well with the greens. I do love food. Maybe I'll be a chef someday, but not today.
In Etsy news, I've been working on a big order of custom monogrammed ornaments. I believe they're going to be handed out as party favors at a child's birthday party. They're surprisingly fun to make, especially with all the different colors. When I came up with the idea of doing custom ornaments I wasn't sure how well they'd go over or if they'd sell at all. But, if this order is any indication it wasn't such a bad idea after all! Well, that's all from Georgia for now. The weather has warmed up a little bit. Maybe our poor garden will have a chance!

Here's a picture of Rilke disguised as a chicken. She's not very happy about it.

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